WTF Science???? Obesity study: Exercise benefits black girls less than whites

At the turn of the 20th century eugenics & race science was all the rage. Conservatives love to point out that Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist who wanted to stop the growth of the black population. In their fight to control black women’s bodies that forget that the vast majority of white Americans felt the same way. Thousands of “experiments” were done between Civil War to the 1940’s to “prove” that blacks were subhuman, all with total disregard for the scientific method. Scientific racism promoted this ideas that blacks had smaller brains and their malnutrition and other “black diseases” were endemic to to the race. Actuary Frederick L. Hoffman stated that due to their disease ridden constitutions blacks would soon die out just like Native Americans. This ideology led to the Tuskegee Experiment and the sterilization program in North Carolina. Even the SAT & I.Q. were touted as proof of the ssuperiority of the Nordic race.

This blatant scientific bias still has it’s supporters whose shoddy data and poorly designed experiments “prove” that blacks are biologically inferior. The latest quackery comes from a pair of scientists in England who contend that black teenage obesity is linked to their deviant metabolism. In the era of Serena Williams, the amazing black women on the US Olymipic Team, the WNBA and the newest golf phenonom Cheyenne Woods (niece of black woman hater, Tiger Woods), this experiment concludes that black women are immune to the effects of diet and exercise. The study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is based on self reports which are notoriously unreliable and fails to account for demographics or family history. Although the study indicates that the black subjects had access to gyms and a diet plan, many black women do not live in areas where fresh foods or recreation facilities are available. Just how far did the subjects have to travel to access the resources necessary to secure significant weight loss? Black women are even more prone than black men to have white ancestry but the study claims that black women oxidize fat at a slower rate that white women as if they come from a completely separate genome. The researchers conclude that “special programs” be devised for black women to loose weight. When the same issue is posed about (white) women and (white) men the their is no special metabolic diet plan suggested, just the simple fact that women have 10% more body fat than men and encourages the reader to keep up their weight loss regime. The attempt to otherize black women have been a part of Western culture since The Venus Hottentot. Isn’t time that scientists stop indulging in this sick obsession?

My Problem With the New Study Regarding Black Girls and Weight Loss | Tamaratwhite.

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3 responses to “WTF Science???? Obesity study: Exercise benefits black girls less than whites”

  1. daedalus2u says :

    You need to actually look at the report, not just news articles about it. Media reports on scientific research are notoriously bad, and this is no exception.

    It was a prospective study. It was not only based on self-reports, the young women also wore accelerometers to measure degrees of movement. The observed differences were not small.

    Looking at the paper, my guess is that the effect is real and results from the chronic psychosocial stress that young women of African American descent are continuously exposed to. Chronic stress does cause obesity.

    Stress in utero epigenetically programs the metabolism of the fetus and affects adult metabolism. Differences in black/white metabolism likely are mediated through differential parental stress exposure, differential stress exposure in utero and differential stress exposure growing up.

    I think the effect is real and is partially due to the discrimination that people of color have been exposed to for many generations. That can’t be all of it, because obesity is up while discrimination is down. Obesity is up in the white population too. Economic stress on everyone is up, and not a surprise obesity is up too.

    There are real differences in the experiences of different people in the US. Differences such as differential bigotry and bias have long term health effects. Of course there are lots of people who want to ignore the bias and bigotry, and who also want to ignore the effects that the bias and bigotry has on people.

    When you trash scientific studies like this, who are you helping? You are helping the bigots who want to ignore the effects their bigotry has on the objects of their bigotry. Trash the science and it becomes easy to ignore, and then it is easier for the anti-science crowd to de-fund food stamps for the poor. Food insecurity in utero and during childhood is a major stressor that programs for adult obesity.

    To reduce obesity, people need food security, they need to not worry about where the next meal for them or their children is coming from.

    • eshowoman says :

      I have looked at the study and there is a link to it at the bottom of the entry are you saying a study that is valid?

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