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Scientific Racism at Forbes Magazine: The DNA Olympics — Jamaicans Win Sprinting ‘Genetic Lottery’

Forbes is a magazine for wealthy white business people. Even though they are not as blatantly racist as National Review they have come up with some extremely biased doozies like If I was a Poor Black Kid, which inspired a furious backlash and great memes. Forbes doubled down with this mess from a whiny white guy who assumes his inability to reach impoverished black children is because they are all criminally ignorant and not really poor.

Their latest dip into the pool of white elitism is an insult the Olympians of the Caribbean, Africa and Africans Americans athletes by retreading the racially biased pseudobiology that held away in America and Europe after slavery and only began to die after the Holocaust. Scientific racism never seems to completely die out and John Entine one of the most vocal proponent contents that blacks are simply better for running. This nonsense seems even more ridiculous due to the availably of DNA analysis. 70% African Americans have white ancestry and about 15% have Native American ancestry. Those few whose genetic contributions that hail completely from Africa are an admixture of numerous ethnic groups. Caribbean people are more mixed with the aboriginal people of the islands, the shortage of white women in the West Indies and the white colonial aristocracy’s tendency to breed their own “stock.” After emancipation some of the South Asian indentured servants married black natives.
Most Jamaicans simply consider themselves Jamaicans. Colorism may be an issue but race isn’t I have Jamaican maternal linage that is white, South Asian and African. You can look at a pictures of the Olympic team and see the variation. Why do racists like you deny the fact that the average person of a different race can be more similar genetically than two people of the same race? Why do racists deny that Africa has the greatest genetic variation on the planet and skin color varies throughout the continent?
Black people have made headway in “traditionally white” sports like golf, fencing, tennis swimming, diving, water polo and gymnastics, how does this racist twaddle explain that? Individual, genetics, opportunity, resources and hard work make a good athlete. This post started as a comment on this fact that this racist tripe still gets publicized as fact. My post was magically removed. I posted it again lets see if it is jettisoned into the ozone again by the author of this trash. Come on, John Entine, put scientific racism in the dustbin of history next to eugenics where it belongs. For more detailed discussion on how wrong this Entine character is check out Resurrecting Racism: The attack on black people using phony science.

Check this racist tomfoolery here….

WTF Science???? Obesity study: Exercise benefits black girls less than whites

At the turn of the 20th century eugenics & race science was all the rage. Conservatives love to point out that Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist who wanted to stop the growth of the black population. In their fight to control black women’s bodies that forget that the vast majority of white Americans felt the same way. Thousands of “experiments” were done between Civil War to the 1940’s to “prove” that blacks were subhuman, all with total disregard for the scientific method. Scientific racism promoted this ideas that blacks had smaller brains and their malnutrition and other “black diseases” were endemic to to the race. Actuary Frederick L. Hoffman stated that due to their disease ridden constitutions blacks would soon die out just like Native Americans. This ideology led to the Tuskegee Experiment and the sterilization program in North Carolina. Even the SAT & I.Q. were touted as proof of the ssuperiority of the Nordic race.

This blatant scientific bias still has it’s supporters whose shoddy data and poorly designed experiments “prove” that blacks are biologically inferior. The latest quackery comes from a pair of scientists in England who contend that black teenage obesity is linked to their deviant metabolism. In the era of Serena Williams, the amazing black women on the US Olymipic Team, the WNBA and the newest golf phenonom Cheyenne Woods (niece of black woman hater, Tiger Woods), this experiment concludes that black women are immune to the effects of diet and exercise. The study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is based on self reports which are notoriously unreliable and fails to account for demographics or family history. Although the study indicates that the black subjects had access to gyms and a diet plan, many black women do not live in areas where fresh foods or recreation facilities are available. Just how far did the subjects have to travel to access the resources necessary to secure significant weight loss? Black women are even more prone than black men to have white ancestry but the study claims that black women oxidize fat at a slower rate that white women as if they come from a completely separate genome. The researchers conclude that “special programs” be devised for black women to loose weight. When the same issue is posed about (white) women and (white) men the their is no special metabolic diet plan suggested, just the simple fact that women have 10% more body fat than men and encourages the reader to keep up their weight loss regime. The attempt to otherize black women have been a part of Western culture since The Venus Hottentot. Isn’t time that scientists stop indulging in this sick obsession?

My Problem With the New Study Regarding Black Girls and Weight Loss | Tamaratwhite.

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