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BBC News – Nut-throwers ejected from Republican National Convention

Two attendees were ejected from Republican National Convention on Tuesday for throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman. The individuals told her “this is how we feed animals” as they threw the nuts, multiple witness said. In a statement, convention officials said the attendees had “exhibited deplorable behaviour”.

I wonder what Mia Love and Condi Rice have to say about this?

BBC News – Nut-throwers ejected from Republican National Convention.

Romney’s Embraces Birtherism

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that I was born and raised.”

With that comment to a crowd in Michigan, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney officially embraced the “birther” movement and touched off a firestorm of protest across the airwaves and internet.

Of course, those protesting didn’t include his live audience or the extremists on the right. Nor, given Romney’s embrace of Donald Trump, should we be surprised by this joke-that’s-not-a-joke. Ari Melber of The Nation put it succinctly: “Jokes can be more revealing than talking points.”

via Romney's 'birther' line is no joke – CNN.com.

Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder’s Slave-Owning History

The race to the bottom for Tea Party infested states continues with greater degrees of whackadoodleness. In an attempt to outdo Arizona and Texas’ efforts to keep history as white as the finest grade of meth sold in said states, Tennessee Tea Party Politicians is seeking to remove references to slavery and mentions of the country’s founders being slave owners. The nutters are demanding for the second time that Tennessee lawmakers change state laws governing school curricula. The group called for textbook selection criteria to include: “No portrayal of minority experience in the history which actually occurred shall obscure the experience or contributions of the Founding Fathers, or the majority of citizens, including those who reached positions of leadership.”

That means Slavery is out, Jim Crow is out, Lynching out (except Leo Frank and the mass Italian lynchings in 1891), Native American genocide and the Trail of Tears is out, Chinese Exclusion Act is out and the Japanese internment & The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is out. I could go on but, but I think you have the picture. 49% of 55 men at Constitutional Convention owned slaves. This doesn’t include Ben Franklin, Richard Bassett and John Dickinson who owned slaves for the majority of their lives and manumitted them before 1776. Therefore, the majority of the Founders were slave owners.This doesn’t fit in with Michelle Bachmann’s deluded fever dream that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery and that black children were better off as chattel. Many apologists like to point out the faux abolitionist sentiments of Thomas Jefferson as proof of the Founder’s disdain for slavery. Who can really accept the words of a man who made a 13 year old slave his concubine, produced six black kids and said that black women are the preferred lover of orangoutangs?. White supremacists still use this quote today, dreaming of the days when they could rape black women with impunity.

I think part of the anxiety multicultual education the desire to keep the idea that individual whiteness equals greatness. One can always think “I may live in a trailer park, be on meth with three fatherless children but at least I am white.” The vast majority of African Americans have whites ancestry & 10% of whites have African ancestry. Science has proven that skin color is not an accurate barometer of whiteness. If much of your identity is tied up with the fact that your European ancestry ties you to the Founding Father’s, you need to let that go because most African Americans do too.

Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder's Slave-Owning History.

Plus ça change, the more they stay the same

In the advent of greater racial, ethnic and religious bigotry in the last few months, I wonder why their is so much denial and animosity in the blogosphere. I contend there are many who do not see themselves in racist but do not see this upturn in bigotry as a no big thing or don’t feel that confronting those they know with more bigoted views is worth the effort. People of color need to address the new racial racial rhetoric and realize that it is not very different than pre-civil rights rhetorical formations and hope that right thinking folks will eventually see these uptick in racial hatred is immoral and since 1968, unamerican.

These anti-black sentiments publicized recently by Tea Partier Mark Williams and Laura Schlessinger have been brewing since the early 1970’s. We really need to examine their rhetoric with post civil rights/Obama age eye. Williams basically touted that blacks are lazy. A trope whites have used since they first arrived in Africa. The new twist is that it is welfare, affirmative action and civil rights initiatives have created a culture of dependency among black folks. Even though their are more middle class black folks in America than ever before, these racially conservative pundits cannot let go of the idea that their is something inherently wrong with black people. It have nothing to do with centuries of oppression, racial terrorism and opposition to extending civil rights and American citizenry to black people. To these pundits Blacks are essentially less intelligent, lazy, immoral, violent and hypersexual and they are angry that they cannot speak about these “truths” in mainstream public discourse. The more things change the more things stay the same. Why spend the same amount of resources on education for blacks since they are not as capable as white children. Send more on incarcerating for the same crimes because they are naturally immoral and criminal. It is a little more sophisticated than pre-civil rights rhetoric but it basically the same old same old.

Schlessinger’s rant basically reflects the frustration that some whites have with the fact that they cannot express their bigoted, ignorant rhetoric as freely as they could before the civil rights movement. She is part of the white moral panic that will only grow as the demographics continue to change and people of color gain more political and economic power in this country. People like Schlessinger want to preserve a white dominated society and feel that people of color have already been “given” too much, need to stop whining and should start working hard like white Americans who are loosing their rights under the current era. She and other white as sick of hearing anything about blacks and feel that were should be grateful for what we have. Her rhetoric is similar to the ideology that slavers used to support the insanity that race based slavery was a civilizing influence on primitive Africans. As people of color we need to learn more about our history and see the parallels in the past. We need learn how to counteract this more brazen, post modern expressions of time old ideologies. 

ABWW Heroine of the Day: Shirley Sherrod

When I first saw the edited tape I was suckered like the NAACP, the Agriculture Department and the White House. When the story began to trickle out I watched it again and you can clearly see that the audio does not match the movement of her lips. Andrew Breitbart is an anti black conservative who planned to besmirch this woman and in order to promote his agenda that blacks are more racist than whites have ever been. There are still people in America that believe that blacks are lazy, childishly dependent on the government and so intellectually deficient that the Democratic party leads us around by the welfare dollar. People like this have used the idea that black women are immoral and lazy for decades. Reagan’s emphasis of the “black welfare mother” is still used by conservative political activists, even though whites have always been a larger proportion of the welfare roles in America than African Americans.

The War on Drugs was hyped by reports of black female hypersexual crack addicts while havoc that users of powdered cocaine produced was disregarded. Images of lazy, immoral black women pumping out a generation of crack debilitated babies on the government tit, helped push through the racist drug laws that have incarcerated three generations of black and Hispanic non-violent drug offenders. It is time that these anti-black conservatives like Andrew Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh are called out and denounced. Bill O’Riley and FOXNEWS needs to start calling themselves FOXENTERTAINMENT or learn journalistic ethics. I applaud Ms. Sherrod for her courage and steadfast efforts to help poor people no matter what their race over a 45 year period. When racial conservatives state “we need to forget about slavery”, they erase the 100 years in between slavery and the passage of civil rights legislation. Ms. Sherrod is a survivor of the long campaign of domestic terrorism that that is so often dismissed by racial conservatives. Despite the fact that her father was murdered by a white man who was never prosecuted and the KKK threatened her family, Ms Sherrod remained in the South during an era when the danger of racial terrorism was an everyday concern. She soon learned that poor vs. rich can trump black vs. white, rose above her pain and loss and devoted her life to helping those without the resources to help themselves. Watch the entire speech an see how amazing this woman’s journey really was.

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