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Centric TV Rebrands To Focus On Black Women

Centric TV is partnering with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Productions to be comethe premiere network for Black women. According to reports, the BET spinoff channel is rebranding itself for the new television season.


Louis Carr, BET’s President of Broadcast and Media Sales, said the rebranding of the network is historic. “At more than 10 million strong, and in control of 20 billion dollars in buying power, the African American woman is an increasingly powerful, yet often overlooked consumer.

Read More at New Pittsburgh Courier.

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Amy Poehler on black women & SNL. “Ugh, I don’t want to talk about this. Pass.”


A week after Ani Di Franco finally apologized for her having a feminist song writing retreat at a plantation that white washes slavery so much that  it calls the slaves, “workers,” Amy Poehler comes up with the white feminist #fail for the week. Is it any wonder that the supremely talented Rhetta has never had a major story line or love interest? Amy is no beginner at passing over black women.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter pegged to their hosting Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards. The interview was wide-ranging and well worth reading, about this year’s movies, past awards shows, and the pair’s history as former “Saturday Night Live” players. But it’s what Poehler didn’t say that’s the most interesting.

While Fey answered every question, including ones about controversial topics, with carefully chosen and diplomatic words, Poehler made clear she wasn’t interested in going too far out on a limb — and seemingly growing more frustrated as the interview progressed.

This came through in the pair’s responses to a question about “Saturday Night Live” having cast Sasheer Zamata as its first black female cast member since the departure of Fey and Poehler’s colleague Maya Rudolph in 2007. Fey praised Kerry Washington’s hosting gig in November: “You saw how great it was for Jay Pharoah to have someone playing Michelle Obama opposite [his President Obama]. So I feel like they registered that really quickly and they’ve acted on it really quickly.”

Poehler was less game: “Ugh, I don’t want to talk about this. Pass.”

Read entire article at Salon

ABWW Hater of the Day: Kenan Thompson


As  a young teen it was a mark of coolness to be known as a person who was allowed to stay up long enough to watch Saturday Night Live. The original Not Ready For Primetime Players were bawdy, political and populated their jokes with drug references. They were not afraid to tackle race either. If you have never seen the Job Interview sketch with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor, do so right now! By the Eddie Murphy era  the sociopolitical commentary had been tamped down but his Undercover White Man skit is still on of the best comedic commentaries of white privilege ever.

I don’t find today’s SNL funny. I figured that I had aged out of the demographic I was also peeved by the fact that show has not kept up with the glacial pace of diversity television casting. There has not been a recognizable black woman on the show since 1995 (In addition to mixed race Maya Rudolph, the only other black women on SNL has been Ellen Cleghorne and Denitra Vance.)

Current cast member Jay Pharaoh has openly questioned SNL’s lack of black women cast members on the show, saying that the producers “need to pay attention.” When a black woman is needed for a skit Kenan Thompson plays them, Tyler Perry Medea style or black up Iranian American (Iranians consider themselves white) Nasim Pedrad. Thompson, the only other black cast member feels differently than Pharaoh and said in a new interview with TV Guide that the diversity problem on SNL is due to the “lack of quality black female comedians.” He states in the interview: “It’s just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.” I know that Kenan has played Herman Cain on SNL but I had no idea he shared his “blacks are lazy” ideology. Kenan may not see black woman as romantic partners (he married the white “Maxim model” Christine Evangeline in 2012) but to open up your mouth to say that there are no hard working, prepared black comedians is some ignorant bunk. I hope the ghost of Mom’s Mabley slaps some common sense into this fool and lest him know that there a plenty of black comedians out there that could run rings around his sad self:

  • Aiesha Tyler is on three TV shows (Archer, Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Talk) has a best selling book and a popular podcast.
  • Wanda Sykes does stand up, has been in movies and TV and has had her own talk show and still has time to work for LGBT rights.
  • Monique has an Oscar and hosted her own talk show
  • Debra Willson & Kim Wayans have decades of experience in sketch comedy
  • Loni Love is a regular on the Chelsea Handler show
  • Sheryl Underwood is on The Talk along with Aisha Tyler
  • Rheta is on Parks and Recreation
  • Jessica Williams is on The Daily Show
  • Yvette Nichole Brown is on Community
  • Sommore is the reigning queen of the black comedy circuit, closely followed by Adelle Givens, “Miss” Laura Hayes and Luenell
  • Francesca Ramsey went viral with her youtube video “Shit White Girls Say
  • Darmirra Brunson from Drew in Tyler Perry’s  comedy Love Thy Neighbor, is a talented mimic. Her celebrity impressions include Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Lil’ Kim, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Oprah, Rihanna, and Wendy Williams.
  • Issa Rae’ the creator of the award winning youtube comedy Awkward Black Girl has been profiled by Rolling Stone and Carson Daily and has development deals with HBO and Shonda Rhimes.

Disney Finds a Cure for the Common Stereotype With ‘Doc McStuffins’ –

Disney has a very poor history representing people of color. It is only in the last 15 years that heroic Asians have replace sinister siamese cats and happy slaves replaced by a beautiful, resourceful black princess. Doc McStuffins is the Disney Channel’s first children’s show featuring black leads since The Prouds. Doc McStuffins is a 5 year old girl who treated wounded toys. Despite the industry racist dogma that black shows are not “universal” enough to reach white viewer Doc McStuffins is hit in every demographic.

Disney Finds a Cure for the Common Stereotype With ‘Doc McStuffins’ –

From the amazing women at the Crunk Feminist Collective. The mainstream media has minimized the contributions of Gabby Douglas to the Olympic gold winning gymnastic team in favor of Jordyn Wieber who failed to qualify for the individual all around competition. Gabby competed in all four events and scored the highest on the beam and bars. Yet the media and the blogsphere are replete with comments doubting she can handle the pressure or commenting on her hair! Gabby is set to compete in the individual all around tomorrow. I wish her the best of luck. GO GABBY!

The Crunk Feminist Collective

I purposely titled this essay to highlight Gabby Douglas’ leadership of the USA Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Team, which she led to victory yesterday, by capturing 33% or 1/3 of the total points  the team received.

You heard right. This kid, who commentators continue to suggest is “unable to handle the pressure,” was the only member to compete in all four events — vault, bars, beam, and floor.

So though she’s only 1/5 of the team, she did 100% of the events, and captured 1/3 of the points.

Of course she didn’t get 33% of the coverage, or even a quarter of the love her teammates got.

During the medal ceremony the camera panned to and stayed with Jordyn, ofttimes obscuring Gabby’s face. Commentators were exultant about Jordyn’s gold medal. “Jordyn’s gold.” As though there were a medal with her name already engraved on it or something.

But um…

The Olympics…

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Louis C.K. Casts Black Onscreen Wife, Internet Goes Wild | Clutch Magazine

I am a big fan of Louis C.K.and since the Law & Order:NY franchise is grinding to a halt Louie is on of the few shows where I can see the Big Apple in all her glory. He is also one of the only non-black comedians to talk about race. Although his is a ginger, Louis Szekely was born in Mexico of Indo Catholic and Hungarian Jewish ancestry. I am also a gigantic fan of Pootie Tang (don’t hate me) which Louis wrote. I don’t why so many people took Pootie Tang seriously and vehemently hate it when it simply a comic book movie. Sada Tay to all you haters.
Louis made news recently for casting a black woman as the mother of his extremely WASPy children. I see no problem with this, Wanda Sykes twins are white and she jokes “I did it because if I died before my wife who would comb their hair?” I was all for it until he started talking about a black women demanding that he get a job. I do recall several racially cringe worthy moments on the show. For some inexplicable reason one of the daughters dressed as Frederick Douglass for Halloween complete with blackface. In another episode, a black waitress repeated the racist trope that black people don’t tip. Louis often includes black comedians in his groups of friends. When Louis ended up at Chris Rock’s house in the middle of the night his offscreen wife was an angry black shrew. Since black comedians like Chris Rock’s stock and trade is putting down black women, I hope it has not rubbed off on Louis. Perhaps Louis was thinking of this all along the opening credits of his show are accompanied by a song that extolls the joy and danger of a white guy loving a black woman. Louie’s ex-wife is played by the talenp da yardies) actress Susan Kelechi Watson

One Family’s Effort to Buy Black for a Year | PBS NewsHour | June 19, 2012 | PBS

Some whites love to talk about how blacks are lazy, will not work hard and prefer welfare, yet when the Anderson’s attempt to reverse the economic conditions in black communities they are called racists. Spending money at businesses that will not build, provide work in black communities is the American way? Using black income in a way that only enriches whites is a good thing?
Chinatown, Little Italy and other racial/ethnic communities have shoppers who patronize them exclusively, but when hard working middle class blacks attempt to revitalize the economy of black businesses that are racists? It seems that anytime that a significant portion of whites have to face the fact of racial inequality they loose the ability to think rationally and scream that’s racist along with a meager repertoire of constantly repeated tropes that demean any effort to change this differential.

One Family's Effort to Buy Black for a Year | PBS NewsHour | June 19, 2012 | PBS.

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