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ABWW Hater of the Day: Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carrol

Yet another Republican is caught up in a potential sex scandal. But this time theres a twist: the politician in question, Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, is black, a woman, and alleged to have been sexually involved with a female member of her staff. Carroll is an anti-gay Republican; her accuser, former staff member Carletha Cole, claims Carroll fired her after she walked in on Carroll and a travel aide, Beatriz Ramos , in a “compromising position” in Carroll’s office. Carroll’s marriage, family and sex life have become national talking points since the story broke on July 11, and her political future looks suddenly uncertain.Read More

14-Film Series Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary Of Nation’s Independence At BAMcinématek | Shadow and Act

If you live in NYC, London or a Yardie at home. Check this out!

Brooklyn, NY/Jul 11, 2012—From Thursday, August 2 through Monday, August 6—the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence—BAMcinématek presents Do the Reggae, a 14-film series dedicated to the country’s unique and widely influential musical tradition.

14-Film Series Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary Of Nation’s Independence At BAMcinématek | Shadow and Act.

Jamaican Singer Diana King Comes Out as a Lesbian

Anyone who knows me knows that I am disgustingly proud of my Caribbean heritage. My Jamaican born mother imparted the wisdom “no matter where you live remember you always, know that you come from somewhere, you have a home.” To bring that point home my mom sent me to Jamaica for many summers during my youth. I was often surly (or fiesty as yardies say) about leaving my friends in the Bronx, but now I appreciate what she did. The ink on my citizenship papers were barely dry when the military might of the United States descended on the tiny island of Grenada, the land of my father’s birth. Ever since that day I have been ambivalent about being fully American.
Jamaican politics are deadly serious. Jamaicans have been about political change since the Caribs fought the Spanish conquerers and the maroon slave resistance forced the British to give them their won independent homeland on the island. Jamaica had the most slave rebellions in the Caribbean and the fight for independence on the island was at the forefront of the liberation for other West Indian island. The Caribs of Grenada leapt off a mountain cliif rather than be slaves to the French colonialists. Julian Fedon a Grenedian planter kept the island free from British rule from from March of 1795 to June 1796. With a history like this who wouldn’t be proud? There is one thing that makes me hang my head in shame, Jamaica’s history of homophobia. Gender roles in Jamaica are very traditional. Deviation from the norm can bring familial & societal scorn. The antiquated sodomy law is still enforced with up to ten years of hard labor. This ideology has manifested in dancehall music in songs like Boom Bye Bye. It is sad to hear this hate come from music that descended from Bob Marley’s cries for justice and equality. Many gay Jamaicans choose to immigrate and simply trudge through the arranged dates that wait for them when they visit home. Recently, some brave Jamaican LGBT folks have been making a stand. J-FLAG provides legal, educational and social support for the emerging community and uses the traditional Jamaican values of unity and struggle to appeal to the mainstream. The organization has documented 7 anti-gay deaths in the country since 2007 so coming out is a very dangerous act. This hateful tide may be turning since Jamaican celebrities have begun to advocate for their gay brethren. Beenie Man released an apology for his previous homophobic lyrics and now Diana King has bravely come out while still living most of year in Jamaica. I salute sistren Diana King’s brave stand against homophobia and patriarchy. Read her statement at the URL below.


John Mayer is a Dixie Whistling Neo-Racist (Redeux)

I posted this blog entry last April on my previous blog Black is Black is Black Ain’t. One of the commenter’s on this blog mentioned Mayer’s rant in Playboy and I went back to look at what I wrote this fool. I realize that in all this talk about the “normality” of the preferences of folks like Chad Ochocinco and Terrel Owens has a white male side of lust and revulsion around black women. What gets me looking back at this blog is Mayer’s staunch denial of the femininity and beauty of black women his “creeping to he slave shack” comments reflect the fact that he has plenty of sexual fantasies about black female actresses. His thinking reflects the pre-1960’s practice of paramour rights were white men could take sexual liberties with black women whether they were willing or not, single or married. Have some black men picked up on this thinking from their white male buddies? Are the uneven percentage of intermarriages not just a black male thing? How many non-black men sing the same song as John Meyer. Read my re-post and let me know what you think.
John Mayer’s racial arrogance, narcissism and ignorance knows no bounds. Some of his recent comments could have been uttered by any Confederate flag waving, Christian Identify, Aryan Nations militiamen. Lets take a look at his behavior. In December, he racially heckled Kumail Nanjiani, an up and coming Pakistani comedian. Last month, Mayer gave playboy interview and praised Asians for their abilty to “talk white.” His sexist pig rants about his ex-girlfriends disgusting and no matter how annoying you find Perez Hilton you do not have the right use an anti-gay slur. He then switches to “I wish I was in Dixie” narcissism and states black people love him and that he knows what it is like to be “black.” Mayer’s racial narcissism is in full force when he agrees with the playboy interviewers “assumption” that black women are wantonly throwing themselves at him. He then prattles on he is a sexual white supremacist then he listed the few black women who he would stoop to have sex with if his willie did not have a racist mid of his own. He described how repellent black women are by invoking a member of KKK. He concludes by describing Holly Robinson-Pete, Karyn Parsons and Kerri Washington his “Benetton heart” finds attractive with the aplomb of a plantation owner at a slave auction. He seems to have no problem associating himself with men that raped and sexually assaulted black women from slavery up until the late 1960’s.

Mayer’s so-called “hood pass” which gives him access to the richest, most powerful black men in the world including the President of the United States. But apparently, his racial arrogance gives him the privilege to call this group of elite black men n**gers. I guess he also forgot that some of men have black wives? Yesterday he jumps on the apology train when he realizes that he has just alienated a large group of his fans….and folks like me who were foolish enough to buy his music should respond with Jesus like compassion?

It amazes me how quickly whites avow their racism. So far I have seen three of the typical comments to his comments: 1) He is just a rock star jack*ss or this just a product of his own individual persona2) Black people are racist (even more racist) than whites. 3) He is just a sexist. Please spear me, with the advent of computer mediated communication and video technology, this type of racial douchbaggery happens with startling regularity.

So Mayer doesn’t want revoke black peoples constitutional rights and I don’t doesn’t wax nostalgically about the days of lynching and rape (but his invocation of David Duke makes this debatable), but he has demonstrated a patten of contempt for people of color that has deep historical and contemporary connotations. But of course, some whites will insist Mayer is still not racist. Most whites cannot tolerate any investigation of the fact that their skin color still affords them social, economic, legal, educational and in the case of men sexual privilege. Many whites will not admit that their knowledge of most people of color is informed by stereotypes, rather than with any understanding of our history, culture or current challenges and are arrogant enough to feel that they are “expert” enough to state wholesale “truths” people of color. These facts of American life must be cast aside quickly because it challenges the core assumptions that have supported white privilege for centuries. What can whites do to challenge the racial status quo:

work to repeal racist drug sentencing laws

work to mandate that death row prisoners get DNA testing so that the criminal justice system will stop killing innocent blacks and Hispanics (and even a few poor whites).

Work to repeal racist school funding policies that give white schools more money and resources than black or Hispanic schools.

Work for sensible immigration policies that penalize employers for hiring undocumented workers instead of black, Hispanic or Native Americans.

Challenge your friends and family when they use racist slurs in your presence

Donate to or volunteer at HBCU’s and grassroots organizations that are working to improve black, Hispanic and Native American lives.

ABWW Heroine of the Day: Josephine Baker

La Baker was rose from the chitlin circuit in America to a one of France’s most honored national heroes. She transcended the gross stereotypes of African American women and became an icon of black femininity around the world.

Born Freda Josephine McDonald (June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975) in St. Louis, Missouri, she later took the name Baker from her second husband, Willie Baker, whom she married at age 15.

Surviving the 1917 riots in East St. Louis, Illinois, where the family was living, Josephine Baker ran away a few years later at age thirteen and began dancing in vaudeville and on Broadway. In 1925, Josephine Baker went to Paris where, after the jazz revue La Revue Nègre failed, her comic ability and jazz dancing drew attention of the director of the Folies Bergère.

Virtually an instant hit, Josephine Baker became one of the best-known entertainers in both France and much of Europe. Her exotic, sensual act reinforced the creative images coming out of the Harlem Renaissance in America.

During World War II Josephine Baker worked with the Red Cross, gathered intelligence for the French Resistance and entertained troops in Africa and the Middle East.

After the war, Josephine Baker adopted, with her second husband, twelve children from around the world, making her home a World Village, a “showplace for brotherhood.” She returned to the stage in the 1950s to finance this project.

In 1951 in the United States, Josephine Baker was refused service at the famous Stork Club in New York City. Yelling at columnist Walter Winchell, another patron of the club, for not coming to her assistance, she was accused by Winchell of communist and fascist sympathies. Never as popular in the US as in Europe, she found herself fighting the rumors begun by Winchell as well.

Josephine Baker responded by crusading for racial equality, refusing to entertain in any club or theater that was not integrated, and thereby breaking the color bar at many establishments. In 1963, she spoke at the March on Washington at the side of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Josephine Baker’s World Village fell apart in the 1950s and in 1969 she was evicted from her chateau which was then auctioned off to pay debts. Princess Grace of Monaco gave her a villa. In 1973 Baker married an American, Robert Brady, and began her stage comeback.

In 1975, Josephine Baker’s Carnegie Hall comeback performance was a success, as was her subsequent Paris performance. But two days after her last Paris performance, she died of a stroke.
Check out some of her performances on youtube, get more information on this amazing woman at her official website and check out the TV autobiographical movie , The Josephine Baker Story staring Lynn Whitfield at Net Flicks or Blockbuster.

ABWW Hater of the Day: Luther “Luke” Campbell

Luke may have struck a blow for freedom of speech back in the day but her really should keep his mouth shut. In a radio interview last week, the washed up rapper and low rent porn king who have father has had 4 kids out of wedlock discussed “disowning his kids” caused a stir on the internet. In the interview, Luke encourages men to practice safe sex so that they don’t end up “donating sperm to angry mothers” and have “sperm donation kids”. He also only claims 1 out of his 5 kids in the interview.

This interview was a response to his daughter calling him a dead beat dad in a video that circulated the web a few months ago. Uncle Luke has released a statement claiming his comments were edited to stir up controversy involving his family issues. He has been forced to support his children to the tune of a couple million and his anger is obviously about the loss of income he collected from sisters who had nowhere else to turn but to sell their bodies. I am pretty progressive about prostitution. I think the woman who does the work should keep the money. It shouldn’t enrich fools like this who do not want to support their children.

Of course he tried to backtrack and say that the interview was edited to make him seem negative. Oh please, like many other black women haters he blames black women with for his deadbeat ways. If you don’t want to have children get a vasectomy.

ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: Lady Ga Ga

Lady Ga Ga has positioned herself as the pop princess provocateur of new century. She has taken the “originality” of Madonna (which was actually taken form gay black men in Harlem) and replaced it with hooks that stick in your head like tumor. She is has an ingenious way of hyping celebrity instead to showcase her talents in a postmodern way that keeps her the talk of the town. Last week she showed up half naked (black studded bra and a leather jacket), got exceedingly drunk and gave the camera men that follow her around incessantly the finger. Of course her actions were covered in the press from here to Timbuktu. I can’t remember a black female celebrity (besides that whore-first-rapper second Lil Kim) acting in such a manner. If white female celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Tara Reid, for example constantly make aggressive, unladylike behavior their cache and still get placed on the pedestal why do all black women have to bear the stereotype of crazy black woman, until proven innocent?

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