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Do Judges Vary in Their Treatment of Race?

In other news water is wet……

Are minorities treated differently by the legal system? Systematic racial differences in case characteristics, many unobservable, make this a difficult question to answer directly. In this paper, we estimate whether judges differ from each other in how they sentence minorities, avoiding potential bias from unobservable case characteristics by exploiting the random assignment of cases to judges. We measure the between-judge variation in the difference in incarceration rates and sentence lengths between African-American and White defendants. We perform a Monte Carlo simulation in order to explicitly construct the appropriate counterfactual, where race does not influence judicial sentencing. In our data set, which includes felony cases from Cook County, Illinois, we find statistically significant between-judge variation in incarceration rates, although not in sentence lengths.

via Do Judges Vary in Their Treatment of Race? by David Abrams, Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan :: SSRN.

Justice for Voters in Texas and Florida –

Republicans in Texas and Florida have been in the vanguard of the pernicious, widespread efforts to suppress voting by Hispanics and blacks. Fortunately, federal courts are seeing these efforts for what they are: a variation on the racist laws that disenfranchised millions before those tactics were outlawed by the Voting Rights Act.

A three-judge panel of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday unanimously rejected Texas’s voter ID law, which required court approval to take effect. The court described the law, known as SB 14, as “the most stringent in the country.”

Read more: Justice for Voters in Texas and Florida –

John Mayer is a Dixie Whistling Neo-Racist (Redeux)

I posted this blog entry last April on my previous blog Black is Black is Black Ain’t. One of the commenter’s on this blog mentioned Mayer’s rant in Playboy and I went back to look at what I wrote this fool. I realize that in all this talk about the “normality” of the preferences of folks like Chad Ochocinco and Terrel Owens has a white male side of lust and revulsion around black women. What gets me looking back at this blog is Mayer’s staunch denial of the femininity and beauty of black women his “creeping to he slave shack” comments reflect the fact that he has plenty of sexual fantasies about black female actresses. His thinking reflects the pre-1960’s practice of paramour rights were white men could take sexual liberties with black women whether they were willing or not, single or married. Have some black men picked up on this thinking from their white male buddies? Are the uneven percentage of intermarriages not just a black male thing? How many non-black men sing the same song as John Meyer. Read my re-post and let me know what you think.
John Mayer’s racial arrogance, narcissism and ignorance knows no bounds. Some of his recent comments could have been uttered by any Confederate flag waving, Christian Identify, Aryan Nations militiamen. Lets take a look at his behavior. In December, he racially heckled Kumail Nanjiani, an up and coming Pakistani comedian. Last month, Mayer gave playboy interview and praised Asians for their abilty to “talk white.” His sexist pig rants about his ex-girlfriends disgusting and no matter how annoying you find Perez Hilton you do not have the right use an anti-gay slur. He then switches to “I wish I was in Dixie” narcissism and states black people love him and that he knows what it is like to be “black.” Mayer’s racial narcissism is in full force when he agrees with the playboy interviewers “assumption” that black women are wantonly throwing themselves at him. He then prattles on he is a sexual white supremacist then he listed the few black women who he would stoop to have sex with if his willie did not have a racist mid of his own. He described how repellent black women are by invoking a member of KKK. He concludes by describing Holly Robinson-Pete, Karyn Parsons and Kerri Washington his “Benetton heart” finds attractive with the aplomb of a plantation owner at a slave auction. He seems to have no problem associating himself with men that raped and sexually assaulted black women from slavery up until the late 1960’s.

Mayer’s so-called “hood pass” which gives him access to the richest, most powerful black men in the world including the President of the United States. But apparently, his racial arrogance gives him the privilege to call this group of elite black men n**gers. I guess he also forgot that some of men have black wives? Yesterday he jumps on the apology train when he realizes that he has just alienated a large group of his fans….and folks like me who were foolish enough to buy his music should respond with Jesus like compassion?

It amazes me how quickly whites avow their racism. So far I have seen three of the typical comments to his comments: 1) He is just a rock star jack*ss or this just a product of his own individual persona2) Black people are racist (even more racist) than whites. 3) He is just a sexist. Please spear me, with the advent of computer mediated communication and video technology, this type of racial douchbaggery happens with startling regularity.

So Mayer doesn’t want revoke black peoples constitutional rights and I don’t doesn’t wax nostalgically about the days of lynching and rape (but his invocation of David Duke makes this debatable), but he has demonstrated a patten of contempt for people of color that has deep historical and contemporary connotations. But of course, some whites will insist Mayer is still not racist. Most whites cannot tolerate any investigation of the fact that their skin color still affords them social, economic, legal, educational and in the case of men sexual privilege. Many whites will not admit that their knowledge of most people of color is informed by stereotypes, rather than with any understanding of our history, culture or current challenges and are arrogant enough to feel that they are “expert” enough to state wholesale “truths” people of color. These facts of American life must be cast aside quickly because it challenges the core assumptions that have supported white privilege for centuries. What can whites do to challenge the racial status quo:

work to repeal racist drug sentencing laws

work to mandate that death row prisoners get DNA testing so that the criminal justice system will stop killing innocent blacks and Hispanics (and even a few poor whites).

Work to repeal racist school funding policies that give white schools more money and resources than black or Hispanic schools.

Work for sensible immigration policies that penalize employers for hiring undocumented workers instead of black, Hispanic or Native Americans.

Challenge your friends and family when they use racist slurs in your presence

Donate to or volunteer at HBCU’s and grassroots organizations that are working to improve black, Hispanic and Native American lives.

CNN in Black and White

This post is kind of a departure. If you are a news junky, some of these thoughts may have occurred to you recently.

I am a news junky and have been a fan of Anderson Cooper for years. It is now wonder that I wind down my day with a dose of the silver haired super-reporter. The top stories on Anderson Cooper360 were on race. I cannot remember a news broadcast like this since I was a child and the tension between blacks and whites were at their highest in the history of America. The first story was about the recently incarcerated serial killer that has been on the prowl since March. Since I have set up my news feeds to black news everyday I have been following this since before the mass killing in New England. I wondered as the body count continued, when this would hit the national new and waited for months. Elias Abuelazam was arrested, let go once and on his way out of the country after attacking 17 black men, one Hispanic man and two whites, killing five black men. After all of this there are still talking heads saying this is not racially motivated. It seems that their is a massive amnesia in this country around the history of racial violence terrorism in this country. There is case being adjudicating in South Carolina where a white man killed a black man, that in itself is no big whoop. But he then tied a noose around his neck and dragged him until hewas dismembered. As most people who have been conscious since the 1990’s know that is post-modern way to lynch black person. Based on the very recent history of this country (wasn’t the Jena protests less than two years ago?) why do I wonder how many black men you have to murder these days to be called a racist?

The second story was the outcome of a recreation of the Kenneth and Mamie Doll test that was one of the primary pieces of evidence in Thurgood Marshall’s defense in Brown v. Board of Education. The test has been reliably repeatedly over the decades and correlates good characteristics with white skin and bad ones with darker skin. The test subjects were black children between six and ten. The test is still valid. Young black and mixed raced children still think that it is better to be white than black. It was painful to see these beautiful children express the belief that they were ugly, dumb and undesirable just like their peers sixty years ago.

The last story made my jaw drop. Conservative talk show host Laura Schlesinger let loose a rant that made Tea Party “satirist” Mike Williams look like Martin Luther King. I was aware that she was a hard right social conservative but I was unaware that her racial animus rivaled Beck and Limbaugh. She basically said that a black woman who tired of her white husband’s family racist comments. She proceeded to call her hypersensitive, whine about how can white people can’t say the n-word, that blacks should stop whining now that there is a black President, that blacks are demonizing whites as racist because of black activism, to top it off she said that the woman that she had no sense of humor, should not married outside her race, and cavalierly dropped the n-word at least 15 times. Today she halfheartedly apologized, but if you have ever been on a blog or news site about race in the Obama Age the same ideas come up in different combination during every electronic “conversation about race.” As a first generation civil rights baby and scholar in this area, I think much more about this the average person, but am hoping that these stories along with calls for changes to 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution are not the harbinger of some moral panic stirred by fear of future? I think I will go watch the brain numbing goodness of AdultSwim now.

10 Hip Hop Songs that Uplift Black Woman

From with editional commentary by your truly
Snoop Dogg recently announced that he owes it to his women fans to move forward producing more “female-friendly” records. Over his illustrious 18 years as a gangsta rapper, Snoop has agreed that making songs that objectify and exploit women are just not that cool anymore. I guess he finally realized that he was talking about his wife and daughter.
Emcees releasing female-friendly rap songs are few and far between, and it’s still the status quo in rap to hear the words, “b-tch” and “ho.” However, instead of beating a dead horse and focusing on the negative, we decided to give shout outs to the 10 rappers over the years that have glorified and shown appreciation and respect to Black women. It is sad that Hip Hop is over 30 years old could only find 10 songs and most of them are old school or alternative rappers. What does that say about the current rap game?

Dear Mama – Tupac
Tupac reminded us all of the struggles of single Black mothers, and how much of a responsibility it is to be a mother, period. That no matter how great or terrible we may have thought our moms to be, there’s no one who deserves our appreciation and respect more than a strong Black mother.

“I’ll Be There for You,” Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige
Still living the fast life, the gritty Method Man recognizes on this track he has a woman that will ride or die for her man. And, instead of taking her long lasting love for granted or manipulating her loyalty, he knows she has become all he needs to get by.

“Black Girl Pain,” Talib Kweli
As a father, conscious rapper Talib Kweli offers Black little girls everywhere a daddy’s love on this track. He uses the song to help others realize the importance of watching over our young Black women, and treating them like princesses so they grow one day to be queens.

Womanology,” KRS One
In this song, the old school rapper preaches on the way women and men act toward each other. If men want a women that treats them right, it begins with the man taking responsibility and treating the women like the Queen she was intended to be.

Independent,” Webbie
This Southern rapper created a catchy hook, spelling out the word independent to show his appreciation for the females who have their own thing going on. Women who work hard to take care of themselves, stay fly, and are able to earn their own money, urging the ladies who lack ambition and drive to “sit down.”

U Make Me Wanna,” Jadakiss ft. Mariah Carey
Jadakiss respects the woman who respects the hustle. In a relationship that had a rocky start, he sings praises to the woman who endured it all and stuck with him, appreciating a love that has also become a deep rooted friendship.

Beautiful,” Snoop
Like he mentioned, Snoop has released a few “bits and pieces” of songs that show he isn’t a total sexist. On this track Snoop reminisces over the feeling of first meeting his “favorite girl,” and revels in her beauty both on the inside and outside.

The Light,” Common
Framed as a love letter, Common confesses his love for a woman in the most tender way. He affectionately explained why if you are a real man the word bitch is no name for a woman, and the how the reflection of light in woman is warmth for a man.

“Keep Ya Head Up,” Tupac
And since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman, and our game from a woman, I wonder why we take from our women? Why we rape our women? Do we hate our women? I think it’s time to kill for our women. Time to heal our women, be real to our women.” The lyrics say it all.

Can you add to the list?
I will add Round the Way Girl by L.L. Cool J. and Brooklyn Queens by Third Bass

ABWW Haters of the Day: The University of the Free State Four

South African women have to put up with one of the highest rates of rape in the world. On top of that they have to put up with a little “fun” from British and Afrikaans college boys.

“The South African Human Rights Commission has lodged papers with the Bloemfontein Equality Court to seek redress on behalf of the four black female University of Free State workers who were grossly humiliated when four white male students recorded and disseminated an insulting video on them,” the commission said in a statement.

The commission asked the court to order that the students be declared guilty of unfair discrimination by act and omission by making the video and distributing it. The commission also asked that the students apologize to the women, to all black women and to black people in general. The apology should be “unqualified and generous”.

The commission further asked for an order that the students be made to pay jointly general and punitive damages of R1 million to each of the women.The commission asked for an order to the university to present a comprehensive plan to the court, outlining remedial measures to be put in place to support and afford redress to the women, and to prevent such an incident of occurring again.

The commission also asked for remedial measures to eradicate the culture of racial and gender intolerance at the university in general and the Reitz hostel in particular.It asked that, if any of the students were re-admitted to the university, they be sent for diversity and racial integration training.The four former students – RC Malherbe, Johnny Roberts, Schalk van der Merwe and Danie Grobler – are accused of humiliating the staff members in a mock initiation ceremony in 2007, which they filmed.

The video was leaked to the media in February 2008. It showed the women drinking from bottles of beer, racing against each other, eating from a dish, vomiting into buckets, dancing and playing rugby. It also showed one of the four students urinating into a dish that appears to contain food.

ABWW Philosophical Moment of the Day

This is Independence Day and I want to declare my right to feel as I do about the state of black love for as long as I need. A community does not loose over 20% of it’s married couples in less than 30 years without suffering some trauma, so I claim the right to do as I need to to heal our wounds as a community and as an individual. As this blog continues to grow, I will throw out some of my theories on why the love between black men and women have gotten to a tipping point where potentially more black women will be single than married and even more men out-marry at substantial higher rates than black women do.

I am even more sure that black woman have a right to be angry, sad, frustrated, satisfied or deliriously happy with the lives they lead. We also need to mourn and spit fire and mourn the loss of so many black men, who have turned their anger towards those who give them life, support them and have gone without for them. This is painful stuff and we should have the right to go through all the stages of loss and come out the other end with love and acceptance for ourselves and those who truly love us.

What will be next of this journey that started in the 15th century when the first white sailor projected his most deviant fantasies on African women? We have survived through slavery, Jim Crow, the cult of ideal white womanhood, paramour rights, the legalization of interracial marriage, industrialization, the school to jail pipeline and the changes brought on the modern woman’s movement, the pill and the drug and thug epidemic. I think it our right to feel our pain, frustration and isolation come out the other end. Come out to what? I don’t know, I am in the dark just like you are, but it is a little easier knowing that you are out there with me.

ABWW Hater of the Day: Taye Diggs

Taye is another case of a black man who married a black woman who cannot shut up about his animosity against black women. Apparently Diggs is fantasizing that a crowd of angry black women are following his wife about in order to attack her. It is your job to protect your wife, but on what planet do black women chase and attack black men involved with white women? In Taye’s world black women lynched black men. Here is a sample of his uniformed, neurotic, stupid comments:

I won’t pretend [race] wasn’t an issue, because it was. We’ve had to deal with situations in the past where black women would give her attitude or not acknowledge her, and you’ve gotta nip that s**t in the bud”

To Taye people who question his long term obsession with white women are immature:

Back then, I used to judge the black guys that only dated white girls and for so long, I wanted people to know, I’m not one of those guys.”But as I got older, I realized what the important things in life are. I can’t worry about changing the way that people see me. If you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t. And luckily, I’ve been just fine, you know what I mean? I think people are becoming more understanding. “

If people are more understanding why do you feel the need to bash black women?

When questioned about Slim Thug’s hateration and buffonery he said:

“I try not to judge people,” Diggs says of the rapper’s remarks. “With comments like that, there’s often a deeper issue that has nothing to do with what the actual comment was. Race is such a deeply embedded issue and people get emotional about it. And when they get emotional about it, they speak from the

Apparently he blames the fact that he has never dated black women on black women!

It did hurt my feelings, especially when it was black women [shunning me] – my mother’s a black woman. But you can only be who you are and be proud of that and just brush the other stuff off.”

Taye is a very talented performer, maybe he keep his vocal output to the stage and screen!

ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: The Myth of a White Woman’s Purity is Over!

Many black women haters point to black female hyper-sexuality as a reason that we are at the bottom of the dating barrel. If this is the case why are so many black men marrying whores? Since the development of the pill and the sexual revolution, the women who were once seen as pure have leaped off that pedestal and so why are we seen as hussies no matter how we live our lives? The idea of white female purity is as dead as a doornail, yet black women are still judged by these standards.
Montel Williams has married a succession of white women including an ex-stripper and now his children are calling him a deadbeat dad who rarely sees them. I guess the years that he set himself up as a moral arbiter of American behavior was a case of do as I say not as I do. Black men run after Kim Kardashian whose sex tape with Ray J launched her career as a woman who is famous for nothing. IceT upgraded his first wife a Filipino stripper for a blonde bimbo who chest looks she has to inflate it with a bicycle pump every morning.
Ex-football player Hank Basket married Kendra Wilkinson, a women who shared their bed with two other women and Hugh Hefner and makes pornography. If you have ever tried to watch her show Kendra you will see that she is rather dull, stupid and boring. There is only reason men would watch this show. So if white women are no longer held up to the standard of purity, why are black women still seen as immoral and hypersexual?

ABWW Hater of the Day: Luther “Luke” Campbell

Luke may have struck a blow for freedom of speech back in the day but her really should keep his mouth shut. In a radio interview last week, the washed up rapper and low rent porn king who have father has had 4 kids out of wedlock discussed “disowning his kids” caused a stir on the internet. In the interview, Luke encourages men to practice safe sex so that they don’t end up “donating sperm to angry mothers” and have “sperm donation kids”. He also only claims 1 out of his 5 kids in the interview.

This interview was a response to his daughter calling him a dead beat dad in a video that circulated the web a few months ago. Uncle Luke has released a statement claiming his comments were edited to stir up controversy involving his family issues. He has been forced to support his children to the tune of a couple million and his anger is obviously about the loss of income he collected from sisters who had nowhere else to turn but to sell their bodies. I am pretty progressive about prostitution. I think the woman who does the work should keep the money. It shouldn’t enrich fools like this who do not want to support their children.

Of course he tried to backtrack and say that the interview was edited to make him seem negative. Oh please, like many other black women haters he blames black women with for his deadbeat ways. If you don’t want to have children get a vasectomy.

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