FOX criticizes Gabby Douglas’ wardrobe choices

FOX NEWS or as I like to call them FAUX NEWS has a long history of representing blacks as lazy, violent and un-American. From Glen Beck’s exclamation that President Obama hates whites to their publicizing that the same four black men that comprise the New Black Panthers as a major threat to America to employing black commentators that spred hate and suspicion about people of color FAUX NEWS in a neo-nazi’s best friend. One of my favorite FAUX NEWS Uncle Tom’s ia Reverend Jessie Lee Paterson who actually thanked whites for slavery on the Sean Hannity radio show! Now they have gone after Gabby Douglas inferring that the outfit that she wore during her gold medal performances were deliberately non-patriotic.

Black FAUX NEWS guest commentator David Webb, remarking on the fact that Olympic gold medal winner Gabby Douglas wasn’t outfitted in American flag-themed attire when competing or standing on the podium:

What’s wrong with showing pride? What we’re seeing is this kind of soft anti-American feeling, that Americans can’t show our exceptionalism. And frankly, if they are offended about us showing our exceptionalism, then they have that right and I don’t care. And neither do most Americans. That’s a fact.

Blonde haired, FAUX NEWS barbie, Alisyn Camerota insisted that 16 year old Douglas “used her prerogative” in wearing a hot pink outfit during her gold winning performance.FAUX NEWS neglected to mention that fellow American competitor and white woman, Aly Reisman wore the same outfit and the individual gymnasts have no say it what they wear in olympic competition. What’s especially crazy about all this is that after Gabby Douglas won the gold medal in the women’s gymnastics all-around, she stood waving up at the crowd clad in a red, white, and blue jacket with USA written on the back. Later during the medal ceremony she wore a gray jacket with an American flag patch on the shoulder, stood atop the podium, and listened to “The Star-Spangled Banner” as an American flag was hoisted up above her.

Check out Al Sharpton’s take on FAUX NEWS attempt to use a 16 year old girl to promote their race baiting antics.

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2 responses to “FOX criticizes Gabby Douglas’ wardrobe choices”

  1. mary burrell says :

    This just goes to prove we are living in a white supremacist society. Please can’t they just let this girl be great.

  2. sharon stokes says :

    She is great no matter what she’s wearing so let them hate,haters, there are just a lot of ignorant people in the world…GO GABBY!!

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