WTF, Science ??? The Stereotype of a Domineering Black Woman is a Bonus in Business

Black women have been of increasing interest to journalists and researchers in the past few years. It seems that having Michelle Obama as FLOTUS has caused a massive disruption in the racially sexist tropes that surround black women. If you go to right wing websites comment sections you will still see a litany of hateful diatribes about Mrs. Obama’s face, body, lack of femininity and how her health platform is another example of the domineering black female black female. Rush Limbaugh’s obsession with Mrs. Obama borders on the pornographic. He makes me wonder if he fantasizes about the days when he could see someone like Mrs. Obama on the auction block.

Mainstream pundits began investigating middle class black women like they discovered a unicorn and academia has come up with some outrageous conclusions too. A recent study indicates that black women’s tendency to be aggressive and domineering is one of the keys to their successes in the business world. Why kind of major back handed fuckery is that? It is not education, experience or competence, it is our “natural ability” to do a an Aunt Ester/Precious’ Mama/Madea cussfest on cue that puts us at top of the business world?

Black women are viewed as independent, competent, and demanding of respect – all classic leadership traits. So, they may find their dual makeup actually boosts their achievement possibilities states Dr. Katherine Phillips”

“African-American women may not be seen as prototypical blacks, and they may not be seen as prototypical women,” Phillips told the audience comprised of people of various genders, ages, and races.That invisibility might end up being something that’s helpful in allowing [them] to take on behaviors that otherwise would not be allowed. Black women may be in a unique position to, in fact, step into leadership positions, to be embraced in leadership positions.”

Does this sound like most sado-masochistic set of psuedocomplements you have ever heard? This is concern trolling of the highest order. The fact African American women are seen as neither is a good thing? The fact that this scholar is cosigning the idea that black women have essential and unchanging characteristics is something to be celebrated? Black women are making great strides in education and business, but still earn a fraction of whites in the same positions. How does being seen as essentially without femininity effect a black woman’s ability to network in social settings outside the boardroom? Is this invisibility in the work place the reason that although we are climbing the corporate ladder we seem to be doing it alone? Is it really an advantage when women & men of different races & ethnic groups have partners to support their career success? Black women have had to be self reliant precisely because of the twin oppressions of racism and sexism and the rise to middle class done little to erase this. One of my favorite scholars, Patricia Hill Collins calls this intersection of race, sex and class, the matrix of domination. Why don’t you read the ideas both these academics & you can decide weather or not my ire is reasonable or just my natural tendencies.

African-American Women Are Moving Ahead Rapidly | Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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3 responses to “WTF, Science ??? The Stereotype of a Domineering Black Woman is a Bonus in Business”

  1. Marie Viv says :

    ” they may not be seen as prototypical women,”

    That phrase right there says it all. SMDH

  2. Michelle says :

    Sooooo are we Cylons? What the hell is this shit? I’m over it.

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