John Mayer is a Dixie Whistling Neo-Racist (Redeux)

I posted this blog entry last April on my previous blog Black is Black is Black Ain’t. One of the commenter’s on this blog mentioned Mayer’s rant in Playboy and I went back to look at what I wrote this fool. I realize that in all this talk about the “normality” of the preferences of folks like Chad Ochocinco and Terrel Owens has a white male side of lust and revulsion around black women. What gets me looking back at this blog is Mayer’s staunch denial of the femininity and beauty of black women his “creeping to he slave shack” comments reflect the fact that he has plenty of sexual fantasies about black female actresses. His thinking reflects the pre-1960’s practice of paramour rights were white men could take sexual liberties with black women whether they were willing or not, single or married. Have some black men picked up on this thinking from their white male buddies? Are the uneven percentage of intermarriages not just a black male thing? How many non-black men sing the same song as John Meyer. Read my re-post and let me know what you think.
John Mayer’s racial arrogance, narcissism and ignorance knows no bounds. Some of his recent comments could have been uttered by any Confederate flag waving, Christian Identify, Aryan Nations militiamen. Lets take a look at his behavior. In December, he racially heckled Kumail Nanjiani, an up and coming Pakistani comedian. Last month, Mayer gave playboy interview and praised Asians for their abilty to “talk white.” His sexist pig rants about his ex-girlfriends disgusting and no matter how annoying you find Perez Hilton you do not have the right use an anti-gay slur. He then switches to “I wish I was in Dixie” narcissism and states black people love him and that he knows what it is like to be “black.” Mayer’s racial narcissism is in full force when he agrees with the playboy interviewers “assumption” that black women are wantonly throwing themselves at him. He then prattles on he is a sexual white supremacist then he listed the few black women who he would stoop to have sex with if his willie did not have a racist mid of his own. He described how repellent black women are by invoking a member of KKK. He concludes by describing Holly Robinson-Pete, Karyn Parsons and Kerri Washington his “Benetton heart” finds attractive with the aplomb of a plantation owner at a slave auction. He seems to have no problem associating himself with men that raped and sexually assaulted black women from slavery up until the late 1960’s.

Mayer’s so-called “hood pass” which gives him access to the richest, most powerful black men in the world including the President of the United States. But apparently, his racial arrogance gives him the privilege to call this group of elite black men n**gers. I guess he also forgot that some of men have black wives? Yesterday he jumps on the apology train when he realizes that he has just alienated a large group of his fans….and folks like me who were foolish enough to buy his music should respond with Jesus like compassion?

It amazes me how quickly whites avow their racism. So far I have seen three of the typical comments to his comments: 1) He is just a rock star jack*ss or this just a product of his own individual persona2) Black people are racist (even more racist) than whites. 3) He is just a sexist. Please spear me, with the advent of computer mediated communication and video technology, this type of racial douchbaggery happens with startling regularity.

So Mayer doesn’t want revoke black peoples constitutional rights and I don’t doesn’t wax nostalgically about the days of lynching and rape (but his invocation of David Duke makes this debatable), but he has demonstrated a patten of contempt for people of color that has deep historical and contemporary connotations. But of course, some whites will insist Mayer is still not racist. Most whites cannot tolerate any investigation of the fact that their skin color still affords them social, economic, legal, educational and in the case of men sexual privilege. Many whites will not admit that their knowledge of most people of color is informed by stereotypes, rather than with any understanding of our history, culture or current challenges and are arrogant enough to feel that they are “expert” enough to state wholesale “truths” people of color. These facts of American life must be cast aside quickly because it challenges the core assumptions that have supported white privilege for centuries. What can whites do to challenge the racial status quo:

work to repeal racist drug sentencing laws

work to mandate that death row prisoners get DNA testing so that the criminal justice system will stop killing innocent blacks and Hispanics (and even a few poor whites).

Work to repeal racist school funding policies that give white schools more money and resources than black or Hispanic schools.

Work for sensible immigration policies that penalize employers for hiring undocumented workers instead of black, Hispanic or Native Americans.

Challenge your friends and family when they use racist slurs in your presence

Donate to or volunteer at HBCU’s and grassroots organizations that are working to improve black, Hispanic and Native American lives.

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9 responses to “John Mayer is a Dixie Whistling Neo-Racist (Redeux)”

  1. Anonymous Black Woman says :


    Don’t expect white men’s attitude toward us change anytime soon. Men such as Mayer, Timberlake, Hollywood executives, corporate white men all have those views toward us. Timberlake fetishizes us while his long-term girlfriends are either white or latina. Eminen is another person with a Black woman hating viewpoint as well, as he is being exposed by Black people as having horrible racist/sexist attitude. Those attitudes along with the past racism has cause us to avoid white men as potential partners.

  2. guy says :

    Truth is i have never seen Black Women who said they have any interest in John Mayer. It’s like me saying i don’t want to be President “WHO CARES IT WAS NEVER A QUESTION”. I am a black guy and I know John Mayer has nothing Black Women want. On the other hand I have something I would like to give him and it is a size 13 foot up his —.

  3. CISWhiteMale says :

    There’s assholes everywhere.

    Stereotyping is something everyone does – which in itself is a stereotype.

    ‘Don’t expect white men’s attitude toward us change anytime soon[…]Hollywood executives, corporate white men all have those views toward us.’

    Racist commentary.

    • eshowoman says :

      Can you find proof that what I am saying is not fact? Yelling “das racist” to a person of color is not a magic talisman that makes reality disappear.

    • eshowoman says :

      Please prove some actual documentation that what I have said is false. Yelling “das racist” is not a magic talisman that erases reality.

  4. chike says :

    If that is d photo of d guy under review, then y waste our time. The guy’s got nothing that’ll interest any chick, that’s d reason he’s wearing dt as if on display. He’s saying all this abt d ebonies, coz he’s piqued dt none has ever taken note of him not 2 talk of interest.
    D guy is a racist. It’s high time everybody stopped over looking this white privilege thing, coz they’re alwayz like “y not work hard as we did 2 get 2 where we’re” not knowing dt d privilege smoothens things 4 them. The USA is country where almost all the races contributed 2 build, willingly or unwillingly. Pple like … Shud get off their ” white” horses & acknowledge this.

  5. Vivalynne says :

    Personally, I think black people are awesome. AWESOME. Maybe I’m too white to have an opinion or something but I just wanted 2 point that out.
    ——black people——

    ——mexican people—–

    ——white people———

    • Kevin says :

      @Vivalynne It should be like this

      —-Blacks, Mexican, Whites, Indians—- All on the same level and in no particular order. STOP tHE HAtE PEOPLE PLEASE. People claim we’re a civilized world….well….where the hell is all the civility at then? Cause i sure don’t see any with all this racism and stereotypical bullshit from EVERY SIDE AND ANGLE! Just stop feeding into the bullshit. THats what the racists want us to do, so we remain divided instead of UNITED. When will we recognize we are all human?

      • eshowoman says :

        That would be nice but history and current policies do not favor equality of opportunity. As a quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm states, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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