ABWW Hater of the Day: Taye Diggs

Taye is another case of a black man who married a black woman who cannot shut up about his animosity against black women. Apparently Diggs is fantasizing that a crowd of angry black women are following his wife about in order to attack her. It is your job to protect your wife, but on what planet do black women chase and attack black men involved with white women? In Taye’s world black women lynched black men. Here is a sample of his uniformed, neurotic, stupid comments:

I won’t pretend [race] wasn’t an issue, because it was. We’ve had to deal with situations in the past where black women would give her attitude or not acknowledge her, and you’ve gotta nip that s**t in the bud”

To Taye people who question his long term obsession with white women are immature:

Back then, I used to judge the black guys that only dated white girls and for so long, I wanted people to know, I’m not one of those guys.”But as I got older, I realized what the important things in life are. I can’t worry about changing the way that people see me. If you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t. And luckily, I’ve been just fine, you know what I mean? I think people are becoming more understanding. “

If people are more understanding why do you feel the need to bash black women?

When questioned about Slim Thug’s hateration and buffonery he said:

“I try not to judge people,” Diggs says of the rapper’s remarks. “With comments like that, there’s often a deeper issue that has nothing to do with what the actual comment was. Race is such a deeply embedded issue and people get emotional about it. And when they get emotional about it, they speak from the

Apparently he blames the fact that he has never dated black women on black women!

It did hurt my feelings, especially when it was black women [shunning me] – my mother’s a black woman. But you can only be who you are and be proud of that and just brush the other stuff off.”

Taye is a very talented performer, maybe he keep his vocal output to the stage and screen!

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28 responses to “ABWW Hater of the Day: Taye Diggs”

  1. Anna Renee says :

    I’m going to do a post on these guilt ridden brothers! The guilt is dripping from his every pore! Why not just accept that some sisters are not going to be happy that he finds us unworthy! It’s so tiresome. I have a solution. Rediscover the beauty of the black woman and nuture that beauty! Develop it! Water it and watch a beautiful black woman garden spring up and nourish you, black man!
    Uggghh to the weak Taye Diggs of this world

  2. eshowoman says :

    I agree. He needs to grow a pair and say this is the woman I fell in love with. Then don’t let the words “black woman” come out his mouth.

  3. Anona says :

    Black women like all people can get very carrt, jealous, and bitter.

    Many are single and have no love life so they get nasty when they see a couple together.
    Misery loves company ya know.

    Taye Diggs is a cool actor, he’s rich, happy, living his life and i’m happy for him.

  4. Anona says :

    I meant, they can get very CATTY.

  5. eshowoman says :

    Again I must say you have no idea what you are talking about. You are the kind of person who I would define as a hater on this blog. You spout a few negative stereotypes and think you have described millions of black women accurately. I would strongly suggest you use this blog as a teachable moment and try to figure out why you can only see negative when you look at a black woman.

  6. anona says :

    All I see Is that you are jealous of a RICH black men that married a woman that does not have YOUR skin tone and features.

    You will never be rich or successful like this man, so the most you can do to feel powerful or better is to insult him and put him down. Typical jealousy.

    Misery loves company.

    • eshowoman says :

      You just make yourself look more ignorant with every post. Keep it up! Malice that comes from willful ignorance is rather amusing!

    • S... says :

      If your life was that amazing, why are you so busy trolling/hating on this site? One thing I know is that happy people could care less about hating on anyone much less an entire population! You sound like someone who is envious of black women. You see in them something you wish you have. This is something you need to sort out for yourself because attacking them won’t change your thoughts about yourself. If it did, you wouldn’t be here.

  7. anona says :

    You are not married or loved by a man, so you are sad, angry, bitter and jealous of women who ARE married and to black men especially. Such a Pity.

  8. anona says :

    Still singing that sad song aren’t we?

    Typical jealous black woman, what do you expect this man to do?

    Leave his wife and date you so he can prove he’s not racist? LOL

    Get a relationship for yourself and maybe you won’t need to chase people.

    • eshowoman says :

      Obviously you are totally ignorant about this phenomenon and have a established bias against black women. If you are a black male then find a nice white Becky to canoodle with and STFU about black women. That is all I would like Taye Diggs to do.If you are a white man or woman your ignorance and arrogance are appallingly typical.

  9. Anonymous says :

    @eshowoman: why did you even giving anona the time of day? this troll was just on your site to say inflammatory things. why waste your breathe? anona hates black women, pure and simple, whether anona is a black man, white woman, or other non-black woman. who cares? there are many people hatin gon black women now because there is a black lady in the white house finally. let them hate,in the end all things will work out in our favor.

  10. Tiffany says :

    I have to admit harboring similar feelings of aggravation, and slight disappointment, after discovering taye diggs wife was white. However, I consider myself pretty reasonable, and I try not to allow my personal feelings, and biases, distort my overall outlook. What’s clear is that there are a number of misguided, and confused black men who date/marry outside of their race, out of spite for black women, and to boost their own status, and position. These men, in most cases, tend to extremely resent black women, and purposely use their relationships and preferences as a another means to showcase their disdain.
    I don’t believe taye diggs would accurately fit this description,but of course i don’t personally know the man, nor am i in any position to comment on his motivations.
    But from reading your commentary, i can say that it appears one-sided, and heavily biased, right down to the quotations that were taken way out of context, with the purpose of slandering him just to support your own grievances.
    I completely disagree with this trick, regardless of how, and why it is used, because it shows very little effort on your part for fairness,and objectivity.
    An example being, you deliberately misinterpreted his views dating white women, claiming it as some long running obsession, he was simply stating how with age, he has come to a point where he no longer is concerned with how people view him, and whether they choose to place him alongside others, believing he has the same motivations. Just because he dated white women, and is now married to a white woman, does not automatically mean he’s never been interested to do the same with black woman. And stating it as some life long obsession,is a far leap from suggestively referring to how open he is to doing it now. He came to a point where felt he no longer had to hide his interests. This makes perfect sense.
    In regards to the rappers comments, he was only saying race is a difficult and often complicated topic, especially on how it affects people, he didn’t want to judge someone he didn’t know on why they’d make hateful comments,but most likely it had to do with something deeper then what was being shown. And, I don’t really blame him, he’s a rapper, and taye is an actor, just because he’s publicly recognized doesn’t make him an authority. It wasn’t taye’s words, nor do i recall him ever publicly referring to black women with contempt, or malice. He simply didn’t wish to be apart of the controversy, as the black man who is now currently married to a white woman, he’d look like a hypocrite, by choosing to remain out of it, he removes himself from having to take sides against another black entertainer,especially male,despite how foolish he acts …
    And lastly, just because his wife is white, doesn’t excuse black women disrespecting her in public , especially in front of him, because they feel slighted. In retrospect, how ignorant can you possibly be, to expect a man to overlook strangers behaving confrontational, and outright hostile against his partner, or any woman for that matter in his company, and not do anything about it? People have the right to feel how they want, but no one has the right to directly inflict it on someone else.
    I don’t care what the reasons for what you, and others, may believe about taye diggs, he’s an adult, as well as a black man, and race does not make him obligated to adhere to anyone else’s standards. But if you want to criticize him for something, state your feelings and reasons for having them responsibly, otherwise, you’ll end up attacking someone without a single credible reason to back it up that’s outside of your own personal opinion.

    • eshowoman says :

      These are his quotes not mine. If there are scores of angry black women stalking his wife, then where are the police reports, the retraining orders, the lawsuits? Your comment makes me think that you have very little understanding of how black women have defamed and humiliated for centuries and how some black men have adopted this white derived view of black femininity in the last few decades. If you choose to ignore it that is your prerogative.

  11. niknak says :

    Taye I am a black women and trust me… your wife if not the first white female that has crossed my path. History does tell us that white women are paraniod of the black female. Also… your wife looks like she is on some type of meds and it looks like you are stressed the hell out about it. That’s not hate… that’s truth… Also another truth is no one is thinking about ya’ll two because at the end of the day… crazy will stick with crazy in their own little world. As a black female, I do not feel like we lost one so Good Luck with that one brotha!

  12. qawishabazz says :

    Whew this is a hot one. I didnt know this brother was so twisted. Thats his choice that he made to mate with a white woman. In my view it has nothing to do with any sisters. For me i perfer a black woman . How he can live the remainder of his life with someone that hasnt got a clue about the struggles that he faces in everyday life i dont know. I think many of these brothers feel theyre to good for sisters once they get a little fame and money.But hey to each his own.taye should keep his mouth shut about the sisters and do what he does.

    • shocker says :

      i am completely amazed at your statement i am someone with mixed parents both of them are half black and what they are mixed with doesnt matter but the fact that taye ‘s wife is white doesn’t mean she doesn’t know struggle infact she is jewish and last time i checked they were enslaved and killled off just like black people they too know the pain of fearing for their lives b/c of ignorance and hatred, infact there are so many black men and women who could care less of the struggle and what MLK JR. ,Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall etc. did to give black people a voice and a path to make their way forward so why is it that the color of her skin makes her a less suitable partner for him? It’s people like you that hold this countryback color should not be the reason someone is not a suitable partner. The struggle is passing more people are interracial relationships and living happy respectable lives and race isn’t an issue. I could continue on with the closed mindedness of your statement but I’ll just. leave it at that

      • eshowoman says :

        First of all grammar is your friend, learn to use it. Second this post is not about about interracial marriage. It is about a black man who demonizes women who look like his mother and grandmother. Third both my parents are mixed, but they taught me to be proud to be black. Why aren’t you?

  13. ICanOnlyBeMyself says :

    I like this blog…lots of insight!

    I would like to share some thoughts on this issue. Taye is wrong for generalizing about all Black women, but I wouldn’t quite call it “bashing”. There is some truth in what he says. Some Black women can be very rude to interracial couples…similar to the way white racists disapprove of interracial relationships, although it is obviously for different reasons. I’ve witnessed it. Some sistas will shoot the evil eye and make loud obnoxious comments toward a Black man with a white woman, even if it is just a platonic relationship. There is no need for that sort of behavior. I understand the pain behind it but that still doesn’t make it OK, especially if the couple is just minding their business.

    It sounds like he was simply sharing his experiences when it comes to that. As a Black woman, I’m not offended by his words. I have no problem with Black men who pursue relationships with non-Black women, as long as they don’t disrespect sistas or allow these women to disrespect us. That has happened to me and I had to put them both in check because I was very nice to them but they decided to cop an attitude with me. I’ve had to let both a white woman and a Latina know that just because they were with Black men, that doesn’t give them a pass to be ugly to Black women who have not done anything to them.

    I don’t know who Slim Thug is. Anyway, somebody who goes by a ridiculous moniker cannot be taken seriously. Just another clown that doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    I’m not sure why so many Black women are bothered by what Taye said, to be honest. He isn’t that cute. How is he relevant in 2011? There are Black men who make statements about sistas that are far more disrespectful than what he said. Sometimes people in interracial relationships become defensive because of what they have to deal with. It sounds like he is frustrated because some Black women have hurt him in the past and now some Black women act out when they see him with his wife. Personally, I know a lot of sistas who aren’t shy about expressing their views on this. They can be very vocal in public places. Some will even try to intimidate the woman. Maybe he is just tired of how *some* Black women react. If he does indeed have a problem with ALL Black women, then that is a deeper issue that needs to be fixed.

    One of my friends is a very good-looking brother and he loves Black women, but he is married to a white woman. She is a pretty girl but a bit on the heavy side. We have all been out on several occasions and I’ve seen sistas being very unpleasant towards her. Once we walked by a bunch of Black women who started mooing at her like she was a cow or something. I heard one of them say, “damn, if he had to be with a Becky couldn’t he do better than that?” She started crying because it wasn’t the first time this has happened. My friend was upset because this is his wife and these women hurt her feelings for no reason. They didn’t know her…they were simply reacting because she was holding hands with a Black man. She didn’t do anything to deserve their hostility. I think that on some level this is where Taye is coming from. He doesn’t want anyone being nasty to his wife just because she’s white.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I’m just trying to come at this issue from a different perspective. Sorry if my post is too long.

    Anona…I will assume that you’re either a Black man or a White woman. Why would anyone be jealous of Taye Diggs or his wife? I feel sorry for any Black woman who actually feels that way because he is nothing special. If you are a Black man putting down Black women, you need to look in the mirror. You are Black, sweetie. It doesn’t matter how many white girls or Asians or Latinas you hook up with. You’re still Black and always will be. You will never be a white man no matter what you do.

    If you’re a white woman, why are you trying to clown a Black woman on her blog? Stop bouncing on the Black man’s d*ck and come back down to earth. You will never have the unique beauty of a Black woman. Not every Black woman is jealous of you. I have nothing against white women or Latinas, but some of y’all act like Black women are inferior to you. You need a reality check. Feel free to date/marry Black men but don’t disrespect us if we haven’t done anything to you. Now if you’re dealing with ignorant Black women with bad attitudes, that’s different…but most sistas don’t care.

  14. Donte says :

    I believe this blog post is most poorly written, self absorbed pile of trash I have ever read. Are you seriously still blogging? I certainly hope not you quite by now. You act as though everyone is a bigot or racist and yet you are the one chastising everyone that comments on the nonsensical buffoonery which you seem like to call writing. I suggest if you dont wish to hear others opinions and look at them with an open mind, you should shut off the comments to your blog.

    • eshowoman says :

      Poorly written? I think you should check your own comment as an example of that. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to keep blogging!

  15. lady tee says :

    wow…. still leaving replies on this shit….. mr. diggs when you only date white women it says one thing, that it is truly your preference.. we are reading into everything else you know. taye diggs is attracted to white women and will wifey a white woman an unattractive one at that. black women dont appeal to him for watever reason.(although i am curious to why), i’m black educated and attractive, and i could care less about him marrying ugly snow flake, but you feel as if us black women need to validate your weak ass marriage to the point that you waste your time and energy to check peeps that have a problem with you or your wife, that shit is funny. you and your gal gone go craz wit that shit, you knew that shit goes wit black and white couples.. there are some good looking sista that are smart and articulate and sexy. dude please!!!! niggas get a lil money then they look for a white bitche… but bet when you ass was broke you was down wit the sistas…oh now i dont date black women no more cause i got a lil cheese. lol lil man you weak ass hell. i could see if he dated somebody like j-lo or jennifer aniston, hell that bitche look like a man.. lol

    • Tessa Harper says :

      I really don’t read in any of those comments where he is bashing black women, I think you’re twisting it to make it fit with your comments or taking it the wrong way. He never said she had hordes of black women bashing her, just that they have had to deal with a “few” instances. And he met his wife while they were both working on the production of Rent, it wasn’t about her being white, it was about sharing space in the same place and time, having things in common and falling in love. You really just sound bitter, jealous, and like you’re trying to turn him into a racist. Racism can go black to white just like it goes white to black.

      • eshowoman says :

        @Tessa Harper
        You’re white aren’t you? Taye Diggs has had a long history if putting down black women in print. The fact that you believe there are even a few black women obsessed with hurting his precious wife means that you see black women are angry, violent and unappealing, just like Diggs does. The arrogance of some white women will never cease to amaze me. Of course you know more about the way some black men defame and trash black and place white ones on a pedestal than black women do. Your neck must be be sore from looking down from you loft position on black women so much.

  16. wocpdxzines says :

    I remember when he blamed black women for his showing failing on Fox. Millions of folks in America, why focus on black women? He also putting foot into mouth, so he deserves to be dragged, lol.

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