ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: The Myth of a White Woman’s Purity is Over!

Many black women haters point to black female hyper-sexuality as a reason that we are at the bottom of the dating barrel. If this is the case why are so many black men marrying whores? Since the development of the pill and the sexual revolution, the women who were once seen as pure have leaped off that pedestal and so why are we seen as hussies no matter how we live our lives? The idea of white female purity is as dead as a doornail, yet black women are still judged by these standards.
Montel Williams has married a succession of white women including an ex-stripper and now his children are calling him a deadbeat dad who rarely sees them. I guess the years that he set himself up as a moral arbiter of American behavior was a case of do as I say not as I do. Black men run after Kim Kardashian whose sex tape with Ray J launched her career as a woman who is famous for nothing. IceT upgraded his first wife a Filipino stripper for a blonde bimbo who chest looks she has to inflate it with a bicycle pump every morning.
Ex-football player Hank Basket married Kendra Wilkinson, a women who shared their bed with two other women and Hugh Hefner and makes pornography. If you have ever tried to watch her show Kendra you will see that she is rather dull, stupid and boring. There is only reason men would watch this show. So if white women are no longer held up to the standard of purity, why are black women still seen as immoral and hypersexual?

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10 responses to “ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: The Myth of a White Woman’s Purity is Over!”

  1. La Reyna says :

    Look, white women who are immoral get immortalized, more marriage deals with white and other men, still lauded by the mainstream media as being “edgy” or “daring”. Whereas Black women are still being to a higher standard and are punished. I think this is less about purity and morality than it is about social/racial control and White supremacy and domination.

    La Reyna

  2. La Reyna says :

    For example, take a white woman with criminal conviction and an upstanding professional Black women and which one man of any race would marry?

    Sad to say, it’s the immoral white woman. That shows how much men place on various races of women and it’s got to stop.

    La Reyna

  3. Menelik Charles says :

    @ Sista La Reyna,

    the criminality or otherwise has nothing to do with whether or not one woman is deemed more worthy than another. The state-of-play you describe can only take place in a racially stratified society. The highest standard in such a society is race not behaviour thus one races value will trum that of all other races or “sub-races”.

    Menelik Charles
    London England

  4. chike says :

    Isn’t it high time we stopped WP from making us feel bad about ourselves. If u want ur yourself idolized, put urself on the pedestal, u need nobody’s help. If someone tarnishes ur image, do ur best 2 pay back. This is 2011 not 1911 or 1811, nobody is still a slave, neither have i heard any recent story of “strange fruits”. Wake up people.

  5. whyte says :

    white women were never pure! they’ve always been (or dreamed about being) the Black Mans whore

  6. Leks says :

    This is an interesting article, as I thought it were always the other round; i.e. white women seen as the hyper-sexual and black women as the opposite. In my experience, that’s how it is. I’m black, very sexual, have had more relationships with black than white, and found black women not to be as open-minded or as uninhibited as white women. This might be why a lot of black men go for white women. I do love the whore sexual context, and white women fit that perfectly and play the role well. Black women, in my experience, play it to a particular point…and don’t progress further. Would I want to marry a whore? I would, if I met one that ticked the other boxes I’ve realised, through experience, that I need ticking. In conclusion, I think black women need to become more open-minded; just because you’re a downright filthy whore literally down for whatever doesn’t mean you won’t get the respect of a queen. I would personally give more respect to such a person as a whore for me is someone who is naturally, or has become free of yet more societal constraints and is just open to simply giving and receiving raw unadulterated pleasure with no issues.

    • eshowoman says :

      It is sad that you are a black woman and you still blame black women. You sound very uniformed about the current and historical ideology around black women. This is not about black women’s attitudes towards sex but a set of practices that labeled black women as abnormal sexual beasts to excuse centuries of sexual exploitation. If you want to be a whore that is your prerogative, but you are fooling yourself it you think as a black woman men are going treat you “like a queen” when you choose to be a whore. I can only ask you to practice save sex, get tested regularly and stop bashing black women to justify your own behavior.

      • Leks says :

        Eshowoman, you need to read my post again properly, before replying, as you seem to have misinterpreted everything written; hopefully you’ll get it next time around, if not…no biggie

    • Mark says :

      I wish there were more people like you and I, man. All psychosexual woes arise from jealousy. Kudos to you!

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