ABWW Stereotype Buster: Black Birth Rate Declines 3 Times that of White Women

Another of the never ending put downs that single black woman have to put up with is that we are immorally populating the ghettos with children in order to receive welfare benefits. According to a new study Pew Research Center the black birth rate has dropped significantly.
Pew Research Analyst D’Vera Cohn explains the drop: There could be a number of reasons. One is that black and women are increasing their levels of educational attainment more rapidly than white women are. That is, they’re catching up to white women in the level of degrees they might have. A growing share have college degrees or advanced degrees. And since we know that the most educated women are the most likely to be childless, that could be playing a substantial role.

Another factor that you have to account for is that not having biological children is much more common among women who’ve never been married. And so what we call the never married rates are rising more rapidly for black women than for white women.

Black women are planning their lives more realistically and choosing between being single and educated rather than having children that will not have the support of their fathers they deserve. Kudos to us!

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One response to “ABWW Stereotype Buster: Black Birth Rate Declines 3 Times that of White Women”

  1. Korrie says :

    Absolutely! Kudos for to black women who increasingly shunning the destitution that single parenting can sometimes cause. It’s great that black women are choosing a more economically and socially mobile road in life; education, travel, and sound financial and career planning.

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