ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: Lisa Lampanelli

She homely, fat and her main shtick is about having more black men than the NBA and NFL roster combined. She is homophobic and not the least bit funny, but Lisa Lampanelli has made a career out of being everything that the advocates of black women hateration attribute to African American women. The hag has recently gotten engaged to a white guy and now states that her whoring around with black men was because of “low self-esteem!” I wonder if this is a typical motivation for non-black women to date black men? Do white women who do not feel that they are not as good as a supermodel, give up on white men and date brothers because many have a fetish for lighter than light skin and long silky hair? It is an interesting theory, but how would one test it? Does the adoration of black men make white women feel special? What do you think?

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4 responses to “ABWW Stereotype Buster of the Day: Lisa Lampanelli”

  1. Anona says :

    I think people like who they want to like and i wouldn’t care because i have a life of my own.

    Only losers and people with no life worry what’s going on with others.

    Lisa is gross and i can think of a couple that looks great and is doing great, HEIDI KLUM AND SEAL.

    She is a model, you can’t say she’s ugly and that’s why she gets a black man,
    i think they just love each other.

    • eshowoman says :

      I am not talking about Heidi and Seal. They dated other people of multiple races before they married As far as I know he has never made a derogatory comment about black women.
      As far as “people liking who they like” who you are attracted to is influenced by society. Unfortunately white women are seen as an ideal and black woman are at the bottom.

  2. Anona says :

    Yes society CAN influence people but at the end of the day people make their own choices as adults.

    No use complaining and getting angry at how black women are treated.
    If most people don’t like you, then,that’s that, they don’t like you.
    You can’t make the world like black people or black women, if they hate you, they hate you, you can’t force anyone to accept you and the world won’t change for you.

  3. eshowoman says :

    “No use complaining and getting angry at how black women are treated.”

    I beg to differ GREATLY!!! If all you can see on this blog is complaining then you obviously have not got the point at all. You are basically saying that the world hates black people so be quiet and get used to it. That is absolute and utter B*llSh*t.

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