ABWW Hater of the Day: William G. Hyland Jr

I am a BOOKTV nerd. Not many folks look forward to a weekend full of lecture from largely academic writers, it fills me with glee. Every once and a while I get sucked into watching something so wrong that I can’t stop watching, sorta like a car wreck. One Saturday I caught a lecture by William G. Hyland Jr., the author of ‘In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemmings Sex Scandal.’ A lawyer from the “Confederate History Month and forget about slavery” state disavows DNA, historical research and the official conclusion of the Monticello Association. This good son of Virgina’s basic thesis that Thomas Jefferson was too moral a gentleman to have fathered Sally Hemmings’ children. He poses that one or more of Jefferson male relatives fathered the slave’s children, most likely his near do well brother Randolph who reportedly liked to “socialize” in the slave quarters. His unsaid thesis is that Sally was a quadroon whore who corrupted weak minded white men. Let’s examine Jefferson’s morals. The young Jefferson consorted with Elizabeth Walker, the wife of General John Walker, who had gone off to fight in one of the Indian Wars and he chased another married woman, Maria Cosway while he was an ambassador in France.

Like many paragons of moral rectitude of his time, Jefferson was obsessed with black female sexuality. His Notes on the State of Virginia includes quotes “…….as uniformly as is the preference of the Oranootan for the black women over those of his own species” and ‘They (blacks) are more ardent after their female: but love seems with them to be more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation. ” Why was the second president of the United States of America fantasizing about black women and bestiality? Why was one of the writers of the Constitution spying on black people doing the wild thing? What a perv!

Lastly Thomas Jefferson also spent time devising a mathematical formula for interracial breeding the determined the amount of generations it would take to whitewash mixed children. Is it any wonder that his formula made Sally Hemmings’ children white? William G. Hyland Jr is modern day example of good old fashioned black woman basher who takes his cue from those ignorant 15th century sailors who could not see black women as humans. I wonder how moral Hyland’s male ancestors were under the cover of the plantation moon and how many black relatives he has that look like Jefferson’s progeny in the picture above?

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4 responses to “ABWW Hater of the Day: William G. Hyland Jr”

  1. Curly Film Chick says :

    I remember reading about this sometime ago. I was pissed at the whole “jefferson was too moral to socialize with slaves” thing. I don’t know why Americans (read: white people) won’t accept FACTS.

  2. David Macadam says :

    Hi! Read the post with interest and agree. There are whites who agree with the commentators below – Gore Vidal being merly one of the most fluent. But also feel that this is a matter which still hasnt died. Remember too that the majority of states were ones which banned inter racial marriages until 1948 and seventeen (yes thats 17) were forced finally by court to drop the ban as late as 1967! Not that that didnt stop Keith Bardell a JP in Louisianna trying to block a civil ceremony in 2009. It aint dead yet! You might find my blog of interest – there are maps etc at http://theoligarchkings.wordpress.com

  3. kimmccrea says :

    Please people get your minds together,jefferson had children with sally, its not your family, and it happened centurys ago. Realize your not superior or smart, take better care of your own family, like jefferson took care of his. And jefferson was the third president not the second.

    • eshowoman says :

      Sorry, kimccrea, but this is about my family. My ancestors were “housekeepers” in Grenada for so many generations that my grandmother was able to pass as white in order to immigrate to this country.

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